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The Creators

rc-mc-alley4.jpgCORELLO started out as an edgy Men's and Women's fashion and accessory brand, best known for uniting both genders through it's rockin' unisex jewelry and accessories. CORELLO allows consumers to seek individuality through their bridged fusion of urban, bohemian, street and killer rock collections. CORELLO is the expression of unity between two soulful unique collaborative artists and creators, Melissa Core and Rick Caballo. The intertwining of their lifestyle and Rick's canvas art and musical background  together forms some of the most cutting edge fashion fusion. It is here the reality of Fashion/Art/Music was born. 


Corello initially launched into the Nashville, TN fashion market making waves where water is hard to come by. In 2 short years of operating Corello was inducted into the TN state museum for textiles and designs for changing the face of country music fashion. This was beacuse you could not see A-list country artists, awards shows, red carpet events or Nashville TV shows without everyone donning Corello designs . Corello rapidly spread through the music community eventually stumbling into even the most remote parts of the USA like Monroe, LA - where the famous 'Duck Dynasty' family is from.



Jep and Jessica Robertson were the face of Corello in 2013 for 'NO Shave November' and loved the brand so much they hired Corello's sister company Dead Horse Branding to create them a fashion line called Calvary Fashion.


Now in 2015 Corello has launched  Corello Culture. A platform designed to plugin and sell other creative brands to Corello fans.
Corello now sells selective Fashion//Art//Music by various artists and designers from around the world.

Corello's music section 'Don't Pay To Play' -a topic that is very sore in the music industry has been evaporated  through Corello's new music platform. Corello allows artists to sell their music through the Corello Culture brand and does not charge any fees. There is a reason Corello is the fastest growing online community brand and it is simply beacuse the Corello creators know first hand that to be succesful you need to be supported. 

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